Hello, and thank you for visiting Mike’s Fucking Blog!

Do not fear, Mike is a real bundle of joy who means no harm.

Mike is a retired Soldier, contractor and federal government employee with 20 years of combined service, most of it overseas or inside the Washington, DC “beltway.” 

Currently residing in Iowa with his wife, cats, and dog. Mike is exploring life while transitioning into the civilian world. He holds a BA and MIS from the American University in Washington, DC, a graduate certificate from Yonsei University, South Korea, and is a certified Harley-Davidson Technician.

Passionate about edgy, controversial and boat-rocking subjects, Mike hopes to use this blog as a thought-provoking platform for freedom of expression about a wide range of subjects that interest him, ranging from paranormal to culture, motorcycles to mania, and everything in between.

“Mania?” You heard it correctly. Mike is a survivor who suffers from bipolar disorder and PTSD, but loves life and wants to help similar individuals by ending the stigma people have about these diseases. After all, we are people too. 

“Everyone has a heart and just wants to be loved,” as my wife reminds me. 

I hope you will find my content thought-provoking, interesting and engaging. I look forward to meeting the audience as they take their seats. 

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God Bless!